A literacy organization, Gustine Traveling Library, brought several businesses together and purchased a billboard that helps promote commuters to stop and tour Gustine’s Main Street.

“The billboard is the first step to helping attract tourism to Gustine as businesses continue to work on ways to promote Main Street by use of social media, magazines, and signage across the Central Valley,” said Zachery Ramos.

A total of 8 businesses and 1 organization contributed to the billboard.


Community members shared that they can’t remember seeing a billboard that promoted Gustine like that and many are very excited to see their town up there, according to the business owner of Four of Hearts, a screen printing & embroidery business.

“Several Business owners who have their business featured also have shared their excitement saying how great it is to see something that not only promotes downtown, but gives us the opportunity to lead the way to attract commuters to our businesses.”

Businesses that are featured on the billboard are: The Gustine Club, Four of Hearts Screen Printing, Ventura’s Fitness & Training, Rise Up, Pizza Factory, Crinklaw Fine Art Studio and Perry’s Pizza as well as the literacy organization Gustine Traveling Library.