On February 21, 2019, the Merced County Sheriff’s Office along with the Merced Police Department,Gang Violence Suppression Unit (GVSU) and the Merced County Probation Department served a search warrant in the 1800 Block of Ivy Avenue in the City of Atwater. After announcing their presence, officers and deputies made entry into the residence. One of the occupants came out of a back bedroom holding an assault rifle and took off running out of a side door. Officers confronted the suspect outside of the residence and the suspect pointed the rifle at officers.

Detectives are still investigating the details of the shooting however, two suspects have been taken into custody and the rifle was recovered at the scene. Neither of the suspects or any of the deputies and officers involved in this incident were injured.


Deputies and officers served a second search warrant in the 7100 block of Doris Avenue in Winton. A search of this residence revealed a small amount of cocaine, marijuana, and several firearms including an AK-47.