**10:54 AM** A report of a man in a wheelchair asking for donations by Del Taco and then seen being picked up by a vehicle was reported.

The man was seen asking for money while playing a guitar in his wheelchair. A vehicle then was seen driving next to him. The man then got up from the wheelchair put his guitar in the back of the vehicle then lifted his wheelchair up and put it in the trunk. He then left and was last seen on Olive Ave.

**5:14 PM** Merced PD responded to Walmart for a man with a gun who threatened one subject. The suspect was then seen leaving in a black Dodge. According to officers, they know who the suspect is. Merced PD then went back to Walmart for possible video surveillance. The man also wasn’t a registered gun owner, according to officers.

**6:43 PM** First responders responded to an oven that was on fire on Silva Drive in Atwater. When first responders arrived on scene, they noted smoke was coming out of the house. The fire was quickly contained.

**6:56 PM** Merced County Sheriff’s Office, responded near M&A Market on Beachwood for an assault.

**7:02 PM** First responders responded to an elderly woman who fell near the Merced Mall. The woman was then transported by Riggs to Mercy Hospital for left knee pain and a small abrasion near the head.

**8:23 PM** A Merced PD officer was waived down outside of Food Max for a woman who was caught shoplifting.

**10:18PM** Merced PD responding to Dominos on Park Avenue for a verbal argument between an employee and customer.