The Merced City School District has released frequently asked questions about the up-coming school year.

Here’s some of the frequently asked questions:

When will I be able to choose between distance learning or attending school in-person?

The week of July 20th is Decision Week. Families will receive a notice that provides instructions for making your decision.

Will Internet services be provided to families that do not have access?

A device will be provided to each student. The District will ensure there are no hurdles to digital access.

Will students and staff have to wear a mask at school?

Yes. Staff and students are expected to wear masks except individuals with specific medical or mental health conditions.

What happens when students or staff don’t comply with safety standards?

School site staff will follow protocols when responding to individuals that do not comply with safety standards. MCSD will be supportive of students while working to meet safety guidelines.

What if students or staff do not have a mask?

Masks will be provided for students and staff who do not have one. Students are encouraged to wear their own mask to school.

Will the in-person option be full day, 5 days a week?

Yes, the in-person option is full day, Monday through Friday.

Will middle school students be moving from class to class?

To limit student contact, students’ schedules will be blocked and cohorted. Teachers will move from classroom to classroom instead of the students moving.

How will my child eat breakfast and lunch safely?

Pre-packaged meals will be served to students at locations with sufficient space for social distancing. More information will be provided by the individual school site based on their schedule.

What is MCSD protocol for the closure of a classroom or an entire school campus?

Classes/cohorts of staff and students with any confirmed cases of COVID–19 will be subject to quarantine policy established in collaboration with the MCOE and the MCDPH.

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