Kelly Lowe moved to Merced about 10-years ago. Kelly has more than 20 years of massage experience which she began in Indiana where she worked for several different spas and even had her own practice.

“I moved to Merced and after 3 years of my own practice, I went to work for a local hospice. I returned to private practice 2 years ago and recently moved to 561 West 18th Street.”

Kelly tells Merced Daily,” when people come into my practice I usually ask how their body is doing; this is so I can tailor the right massage for them. I usually don’t see more than five people a day because I want the last person of the day to have the same quality massage as the first person.”

Kelly now offers chair massage services at the Merced College Farmers’ Market Tuesday nights and Merced County Certified Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings.

Her business Healing Bodywork is located at 561 West 18th Street, Suite H in Merced. You can schedule an appointment by calling 209-829-9833.