Gordon Johnston Jr. has been in the Carnival business since he was born and followed in the footsteps of his Father and grandfather. 

The now 54 year-old from Elk Grove California lives on the road for 9 months out of the year and travels from Central California up to northern California.

“This is our life, this everything, our whole family’s out here, having all the generations here means a lot.” says Gordon.


Merced Daily asked what the most expensive ride you have here? Gordon says,” The Ferris Wheel, it’s only four years old and cost us about $500,000 dollars.”

Merced Daily also interviewed local Winton resident Kelly Thomas whose the president of the Winton School Board and Commissioner of the Jr. Giants.

“The Winton Carnival is every year in April; it’s a different week depending on when Easter is. Our program raises funds locally for the schools, baseball teams, queen contest and the band,” says Kelly.

The Winton Carnival is open Friday 5pm to 11 pm. On Saturday the parade starts at 11am from Olive Avenue down Winton Way to the Winton Park which closes at midnight. Sunday the Carnival starts from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.