Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton plans to improve Determine Drive and Kelso Street in Atwater.

“When Castle Air Force Base closed it quickly went south,” said Creighton.

“I go out there at least once a month,”said Creighton. One of the main concerns from residents is overall safety and the fact that some of these landlords are running it like slumlords. The landlords need to be held accountable. The city needs to step in, if the landlords can’t do their job they shouldn’t be landlords anymore. There are enough laws on the books between landlords and tenants that they’re supposed to abide by. The city needs to make sure through the building department, code enforcement, fire department, and police department, that all those regulations are being met. The city just needs to be more proactive. The city has the resources to tackle this area,” said Creighton.


On September 12, 2019, The Merced County Sheriff’s SWAT team arrested a man who had a warrant for his arrest. The man lived on Kelso Street.

“The people that live within the area still fear for their safety even after this guy’s gone. There’s two or three more people who will take his place,” said Creighton.


“We have the resources to improve this whole area. We just need to set higher standards for these landlords. It can be done,” said Creighton.

One improvement that will be coming soon is more lighting in the area of Bellevue and Determine Drive, according to Creighton.