Twelve years ago Marcela Calderon started selling corn and fruit at several different flea markets with her husband who has been selling for more than 40 years.

Soon after they had the idea of selling more items like hispanic desserts, drinks, snacks to add to their menu.

They would then go on traveling hours to different cities to sell their product.

But the extensive traveling soon changed when Marcella was involved in a horrible traffic accident about two years ago, which made her think twice about not traveling so much.

Now in 2019, Marcela and her son opened up a new commercial business called FRUTA LOCA Which sell’s a variety of goods such as corn with cheese, smoothies, hispanic drinks, snacks, fruit, and more.

You can check out Fruta Loca for their grand opening Friday, February 8, at noon in Merced.

FRUTA LOCA is located at 3146 G Street, Ste 109, Merced, Ca.