On Monday, January 21, 2019 , a male was walking through the Livingston High School campus located at 1617 Main St. when he was robbed and brutally beaten by two suspects. The victim was attacked by the two suspects which led to the victim sustaining serious injuries to his face and head. The suspects forcefully took belongings from the victim.

According to Livingston PD, The suspects fled the scene prior to police arrival. Due to the victim’s injuries he was transported to Memorial Hospital in Modesto, CA. Responding LPD Officers were able to obtain a statement from the victim and a witness who was on scene prior to the victim being transported to the hospital. LPD Officers were able to obtain surveillance footage from Livingston High School which showed the two suspects in the area during the robbery/assault and were seen fleeing the campus prior to police arrival. The two suspects were identified through the Livingston High School surveillance video. The suspects were identified as Christian Bracamontes and 17 year old juvenile male. LPD Detectives Barkus and Kollman continued the investigation of the case issuing warrants for the arrest of Bracamontes and the juvenile suspect.


On 01/28/2019 LHS School Resource Officer Baldevia witnessed the juvenile suspect in Memorial Park. The suspect fled from the park. Officers established a perimeter and the suspect was ultimately apprehended by LPD Sgt. Fong and Officer Butler and placed under arrest.

On 01/29/2019 LPD Detective Barkus and Detective Kollman conducted a search warrant of Bracamontes residence where he was located and taken into custody. During the search of Bracamontes’ residence several items belonging to the victim which were taken during the robbery/assault were located.

Christian Bracamontes, 18, and a 17 year old accomplice were arrested for Robbery, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment.