On Saturday, 8, 2018, Livingston PD responded to a call from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend was trying to break into her apartment.

When officers arrived on scene, they found 27-year-old Shawn Reid near the apartment. The officers knew he was the ex-boyfriend from prior incidents.

According to officers, Reid ran from officers but was captured. As he was being handcuffed, his partner, Anthony Irigoyen, attacked officers managing to punch one officer before being subdued. As officers were arresting Irigoyen, Reid began kicking the officers. After being placed in patrol cars Reid began banging he head against the patrol car cage, police say.

Officers took both subjects to the hospital prior to being booked in jail. While at the hospital Irigoyen again attacked an officer by cowardly blind siding the officer as the officer was busy with Reid, physically causing injury. Both men are believed to be active street gang members.