Arron and Matt Freitas have been working at the Santa Fe Golf Range since they were teenagers. Years later when both brothers found out the establishment was for sale, they purchased it.

Everything was going fine until December 2017. They started to notice missing items here and there. They caught a male subject, several times, park his vehicle on the side of the golf range/batting cage taking golf balls. 

“When the subject was confronted, he would give the typical sob story,” says the co-owner. “The more we catch him, the more he gets brazen, and goes deeper into the range.”

“Most recently a batting cage net was cut out; it looked like a precision made cut, as if someone was going to use the net for themselves,” say the co-owner. 

“Ever since we put the word out on social media, some people have told us they would see vehicles parked on the side of the golf range at night. We hope by letting the public know, the thieves will be aware the locals are watching.”

If you any information on these incidents, please call the Merced County Sheriffs Office at 209-385-7445.