A man was arrested in Winton after drugs were found in the hood of his vehicle.

Merced County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesus Benavides attempted to perform a vehicle stop for expired registration in Winton. The driver of the vehicle, identified as 33-year-old Robert Dustin Christensen, failed to yield for a few blocks.




Christensen eventually stopped in the area of Cindy Lane and Helton Street where he was detained.

Deputy Benavides found that Christensen was on Merced County Probation and had an active felony warrant for his arrest for a probation violation. Deputy Benavides arrested Christensen for the warrant and upon searching the vehicle; Deputy Benavides found several items associated with the sales of methamphetamine. As Deputy Benavides continued searching the vehicle, he found a large plastic bag containing approximately 1 pound of methamphetamine in the engine compartment next to the car’s battery.

Christensen was booked into the Merced County Jail for possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a controlled substance, and the felony warrant.