Juemond Cokley, a 35 year-old male, was shot and killed inside his mother’s home in Merced County.

His mother, whose name won’t be mentioned, says her son was shot in her home on September 23, 2021.

Merced Daily was able to go to the residence where Juemond was killed. While there, witnesses were able to do a re-enactment of the incident to Merced Daily.

Details of the shooting will be left out for a number of reasons.

Merced Daily was also able to talk to nearby neighbors who verified a crime scene, multiple gunshots being heard, as well as an individual who attended to Juemond immediately after the shooting.

Witnesses said Juemond was conscious after the shooting. He was taken to an out of area hospital soon after.

According to his mother, a doctor told her he was struck multiple times. Unfortunately, Juemond would succumb from his gunshot wounds on September 26th.

Juemond leaves behind three children. He was friendly, loved the outdoors, worked hard, and most importantly was a good father. He would see his kids every week, would play with them, and take them places, according to the mother of his children.

Juemond’s brother, Lajawn Cokley, was shot and killed in 2019 after a home invasion. However, the mother said no one took anything from her home during the shooting of Juemond Cokley.

An email and voicemail was left to the public information officer for the Merced County Sheriff’s office regarding this incident. However, Merced Daily received no response in the last two days. A detective who is handling the case was contacted. He was not able to give Merced Daily any information regarding the case.

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