On August 30, 2018, around 11:48 AM, three adult females went into Nacho’s Tire Shop #3  on Francis St., in Livingston asking about prices on some tires.  Without notice, at least one of the females allegedly pulled a gun on the employee demanding the victim give them his wallet and any money in the cash register. After the employee complied, immediately the three African/American suspects took off, and went into a gray 4-door SUV which was last seen on NB-99 by the individual who had called 911 and attempted to follow them.

According to the employee that Merced Daily spoke to, the three females got away with about $10,000 dollars in cash. Merced Daily also spoke to a neighbor who lives right across the street who also stated the incident did occur at the local tire shop in livingston.




We will update once receive more information.