The City of Merced received 22 complete applications for retail cannabis dispensaries in March 2018.  Only four dispensaries may be approved under the City’s cannabis ordinance.

The Planning Commission has already approved 10 cannabis business permits for manufacturing, cultivation and distribution operations.

A Selection Committee of City Manager Steve Carrigan, Police Chief Chris Goodwin and Director of Development Services Scott McBride reviewed the applications and scored them based on criteria established by the Council.

All the proposed business owners were subject to a detailed background check by the Police Department.

A total score of 100 points was possible for each application.  Points were awarded based on non-discretionary facts, such as public/neighborhood outreach programs, parking, business hours, previous experience and qualifications of the owners, access to capital, inclusion of certain safety features and local residency.  There were 29 points awarded at the discretion of the Selection Committee based on enhanced security measures, community benefits and other outstanding features above the minimum requirements of the applications.

The total scores of the reviewers were divided by three for an average score.  The applications were ranked based on that average score.

The top four applications will be scheduled for public hearings before the Planning Commission at 7 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 18 and Weds., Sept. 19 in the Council Chambers on the second floor of the Merced Civic Center (City Hall), 678 W. 18thSt.

The scores and rankings are as follows:




Commercial Cannabis Business Permit Applications for Dispensaries TOTAL SCORE AVERAGE SCORE RANKING
CCBP #18-06R (“Blue Fire”) at 1975 W Olive Ave 295 98.333 1
CCBP #18-10R (“Green Door”) at 811 W Main St 292 97.333 2
CCBP #18-17R (“Manzanita”) at 1594 W 18th St 289 96.333 3
CCBP #18-14R (“Harvest of Merced”) at 863 W 15th St 285 95.000 4
CCBP #18-21R (“Medallion Wellness”) at 808 W 16th St 269 89.667 5
CCBP #18-30R (“Jiva Life”) at 1020 W Main St 255 85.000 6
CCBP #18-22R (“7 Fingers Cannabissary”) at 1220-30 Martin Luther King Jr Wy 254 84.667 7
CCBP #18-11R (“Merced Pharmers Market”) at 1112 W 16th St 246 82.000 8
CCBP #18-29R (“Nourish Health Merced”) at 221 W Main St 244 81.333 9
CCBP #18-08R (“Bang Mingo”) at 1850 Yosemite Pkwy 240 80.000 10 (Tie)
CCBP #18-05R (“Elev8 Wellness”) at 235 W Main St 240 80.000 10 (Tie)
CCBP #18-13R (“Empire Health & Wellness”) at 245 W 16th St 224 74.667 12
CCBP #18-09R (“Natural Supplements”) at 127 W El Portal Dr 216 72.000 13
CCBP #18-07R (“Gateway Wellness”) at 145 Riggs, Ste A 213 71.000 14
CCBP #18-25R (“Valley Pure”) at 1180 Olivewood Ave 202 67.333 15
CCBP #18-26R (“Tamcu Investments”) at 227 W Main St 201 67.000 16
CCBP #18-23R (“Kings Valley Wellness”) at 850 W Main, Ste A 199 66.333 17
CCBP #18-12R (“Merced Healing Center”) at 948 W 15thSt 187 62.333 18
CCBP #18-24R (“Earth Source Healing”) at 1035 W 14thSt 179 59.667 19
CCBP #18-16R (“Sierra Gold Cannabis Co.”) at 35 W 23rd St 168 56.000 20
CCBP #18-20R (“Veteran Medication 22”) at 3317 M St 157 52.333 21 (Tie)
CCBP #18-18R (“Merced Pain Relief”) at 946 W Main St 157 52.333 21 (Tie)


The Following application was disqualified:

CCBP #18-15R (“Aleafiate”) at 1471 Yosemite Pkwy 213 71.000 DQ


For more information about the City’s Commercial Cannabis Business Permit applications, please contact the City Planning Division at 209-385-6858.