Atwater resident David Souza, a fourth generation farmer and sole owner of Corbin Cash Spirits, started working on his great grandfather’s sweet potato farm at the age of 7. When David turned 15, his grandpa would come out of retirement and show him the inner workings of the sweet potato business. When David was 26, he would pursue his own business venture in 2001, promoting concerts and car shows in the Central Valley.

In 2003, David would buy a business at the age of 28, in Las Vegas.

It would be through his promotion company he decided he should try getting into the alcohol business. “What got me started in the alcohol business is, I saw the bottle service sales and how they generated revenue through the casinos,” said David. “I really didn’t want to own restaurants anymore, so I thought why not learn how to make liquor from our family farm using our own sweet potatoes.”

David would go on to learn the alcohol business by reading books and learning through trial an error.

David would come up with the business name “Corbin Cash” which is named after his son.

David would Start distilling in 2007, and eventually have a licensed distillery in 2009.

David would start off with a 5 gallon still in his garage, which would later evolve to having a 650 gallon still. It was during that time David would create the worlds first barrel-aged sweet potato liqueur.

In 2010, David would accomplish what every entrepreneur dreams of, having their own product in a big time retail store.

Now in 2019, Corbin Cash Spirits is in some pretty big retailers including several Costcos, Food Max, and Save Marts just to name a few. Corbin Cash Spirits is also in 126 BevMo stores, local restaurants, and many liquor stores.

“It took a couple years to get into some of those big retailers” said David.

In 2019, Corbin Cash Spirts opened up to the public to host tours, tastings, and their poplar events Thursdays and Fridays, which features different food trucks.

Photos courtesy of Frank Hassett

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“I’m still involved with the family farm business, I just spend a majority of my time on Corbin Cash, said David.

“We just started doing this, because the hard liquor laws are a lot different then beer and wine, we never had the ability to do tastings, events, or a brew pub, that ruleing changed about a year and a half ago, so it took us this long to make sure the law wasn’t going to change, because it wasn’t a for sure thing. We just started doing the tours, tastings, and food trucks to promote who we are and what we are.

Corbin Cash Spirits is located at 3241 Hull Road in Atwater.

To find out more product information and upcoming events about Corbin Cash Spirits, you can go to their Facebook Instagram, or