Cen Cal Escape Rooms is now accepting private bookings online. 

Cen Cal Escape Rooms is an interactive, game experience, where you and your friends are locked in a themed room to solve clues, riddles, puzzles, decipher codes and find codes for locks, in order to escape. Clues are tricky and you will need to think outside the box in order to escape. However, no skills are required, according to their website.

There’s two themed rooms available for booking, a third themed room will be added within a couple months.





“Everything is unique here. I right my own puzzles and clues,” said Kelly Hart, owner of Cen Cal Escape Rooms. Each room will have an item or pay homage to her late father who passed away, according to Kelly.

Kelly told Merced Daily, “All payments will be processed online. We want to make sure we do NOT have 30 plus people waiting for a game.”

There’s also tablets inside the lobby, so you could book your appointment there, however, that’s only if there’s no booking at the time. The lobby door will most likely be locked during a booking. Please call or view website for availability.

Cen Cal Escape Room will only be open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for now.

Please see website for time and availability.


Cen Cal Escape Room is located at 3333 G St, Atwater Ca.