The City of Atwater has struggled with its finances with a $2.5 million general fund debt and millions more in unfunded liabilities. There is currently two choices for voters to choose from Current Mayor Jim Price who was elected in 2014, and his challenger Paul Creighton, who currently sits on the Atwater City Council.

According to Atwater’s Campaign Disclosure Statement, the current Mayor of Atwater, Jim Price, has a total of $2,482.76 in contributions received. The statement also shows the current Mayor spent approximately $1,221.06 on Campaign paraphernalia/misc goods.

To view Jim Price’s full form click the link below:


Paul Creighton, Mayoral candidate, received a total of $14,156.85 in contributions, and spent a total of $3,503.70 on campaign sign paraphernalia/misc goods.

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