Improvements are already happening in Atwater’s most neglected neighborhoods.

Determine Drive, Kelso, and Swaps Streets are receiving much needed improvements and more are to come.

One of the biggest improvements already happening are the sidewalks, which Measure V money will pay for, according to Councilman Brian Raymond. “Some trees near the uneven sidewalks will be removed/cut as well, according to Raymond.

The construction of the new sidewalks have already begun. More lighting will also be added near Bellevue and Determine.

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One of the many problems the city has faced in the area are the huge piles of trash. “The public doesn’t have to pick the trash up, now it becomes everyones problem. However, if it’s violating a city ordnance and becomes a code enforcement issue, code enforcement can tag the property owner, the property owner will then have to pay for the dump. This will force the property owner to have someone manage the property on site,” said Raymond. “If the property owner allows the trash to continue, the property owner will continue to get fined. If the property owner refuses to pay, the city can put a lien on the property.”

Some of the property owners have been contacted by the new Code Enforcement Officer, according to Raymond.

An Atwater City event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

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“We need to show that we care. “We’re finally going to see things happen,” said Raymond.

Watch video at 1:49:40 to see the Atwater City Council discuss nearly an hour long discussion on Determine, Kelso, and Swaps.

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