On October 2, 2018, the Livingston City Manager, Jose Ramirez discussed his push on several plans on bringing more businesses to Livingston off the freeway at Hammatt and Campbell Blvd.

One of the businesses Jose discussed at a City Council Meeting was an Arco AM/PM gas station that is currently in the works.

The Livingston City Manager said “We’re working on trying to move the Arco AM/PM gas station along quickly. We’re the ones pushing them and are hoping there will be movement by the end of this year, especially when the weather gets better in the beginning of next year. There is also a 2,500 square foot space that we believe another business can go into. Down the way there’s another space about 3,000 square feet – we’re in TALKS with Black Bear Diner and Denny’s. They’re looking for franchisees if anyone interested,” says Jose.