A new restaurant, Atwater Sushi, will be located at the former Jamba Juice building.

One of the co-owners, who also owns JR Donuts in Atwater, told Merced Daily they wanted to bring something new to Atwater. All of the three owners want to bring good unique quality food options to the community. One of the three owners has worked in a sushi restaurant for 13 years as a master sushi chef. He will be bringing help from friends in the field to provide Atwater Sushi with better knowledge and proper training. This will help Atwater Sushi’s foundation for their business to eventually flourish enough to start training and hiring for the community.

“We notice that a lot of people here in Atwater love sushi and japanese cuisine. It is always nice to have new food options here in Atwater. We also want to eventually bring more jobs to our community. We hope that our business is successful enough to bring in people from other cities too.”

A wide variety of sushi will be offered at Atwater Sushi. “We will have Nigiri which is made by molding a ball of vinegared rice and topping it with a slice of raw fish. We will also have Chirashi which is a bowl of vinegared rice topped with a mix of raw fish and garnishes, And  sushi rolls such as California Rolls and Dragon Rolls. Our menu does not stop at sushi; we also will have noodle dishes, fried rice, bento boxes and so much more.”

“Our goal is to be successful enough to provide more job opportunities for our community in the future. We love our Atwater community and look forward to serving everyone.”

Atwater Sushi will offer dine in and take out. However, Atwater Sushi will not be open due to delays caused by the corona virus. The owners want to make sure they do not rush into things. They want to open as safely as possible.

Atwater Sushi will be located at 1601 E.Bellevue Rd.