Early Saturday morning, several volunteers participated in a “Take back our neighborhood” event on Determine Drive and Swaps Street in Atwater.

The event was a collaboration between Love Atwater and The City of Atwater.

CalFire, Atwater City Fire, Public Works, Parks/Recreation and Bellevue School were among the many volunteers.


“We’re trying to get the neighborhood cleaned up,” said Councilwoman Cindy Vierra. “Moving forward Code Enforcement, Law Enforcement, and other City Officials will make sure the land owners follow up and keep their areas in better condition.


A bbq, drinks, and clothes, were also available during the clean-up.


Three of the uneven sidewalks have already been repaired.

“In the last year, Atwater has gained a lot of resources,” said Cindy. “It takes a lot of different entities to make this happen. Events were attempted in the past but never progressed.”

Watch YouTube video here_https://youtu.be/KlXCK1h-jx8

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