Over the weekend a woman driving precious cargo pulled into the parking lot of Pep Boys Auto Parts & Services in Merced.

The woman told employees she needed her truck fixed asap. “The woman said she was driving through Merced and needed to get her Reindeers home. I thought she was joking, being the holiday season an all,” said Liz Gerardy, an employee at Pep Boys.

The woman detached her trailer and moved her truck inside for the diagnoses. Pep Boy employees were able to diagnose and repair her truck. “We finished repairing her truck within about 30 minutes. The woman was very thankful and appreciative. She asked us if we wanted to take pictures with her Reindeers. I thought she was joking,” said Pep Boys employee Gregory Starling.

The woman then walks back to her trailer, opens up the back door, goes inside, and comes out with a real Reindeer. “This whole time everyone thought she was joking. She let us take pictures with one of the Reindeer’s. There was a couple other Reindeers inside the trailer as well,” said Gregory.

The woman left shortly after to an unknown destination.