On May 4, 2019, several local city officials participated in Fire Ops 101 hosted by The Merced City Fire Association 1479 in Merced.

“It’s a program put together by the International Association Of Firefighters. This program allows local city officials to participate so they can understand what we do on a day to day basis, It also gives public officials first hand knowledge of the energy, effort, physical demands of the job,” says president of the Merced City Firefighters Association local 1479, Chad Englert.

The day long program had public officials wear firefighter protection clothing, which included turnout coat, pants, boots, and helmet. They also participated hands-on in different scenarios any real firefighter would face, such as vehicle extrication, structure fires, forceable entry, and emergency medical services

“By doing this, they will understand what we do and how their decisions impact us, when it goes back to serving the community and the citizens of Merced,” Says Chad Englert.