A new boxing fitness gym, jrsoma (school of martial arts) is set to open Monday, December 7, 2020.

Atwater native Jaime Velazquez, 25, always loved martial arts, he would grapple with his brother when he was younger, imitating UFC stars from the early 2000’s. When Jaime was in high school, he joined his high school wrestling team.

After graduating from Buhach Colony High School in 2013, Jaime moved to Sacramento where he attended community college. 

Soon after, he moved to San Francisco, where he lived and attended San Francisco State. He would pick up boxing while living in San Francisco, training five days a week, competing in four amateur fights, all would be wins.

He moved back to Atwater with inspirations of opening a boxing gym in 2020.

After searching for several locations to open up his boxing gym, Jaime found a location on Broadway Avenue.

Jaime plans to add special instructors for wrestling and jiu jitsu classes next Summer.

Jaime told Merced Daily, “Everyone is welcome here, there will be no tolerance for sexual harassment. This is mostly a male sport, but I want women and children to feel comfortable here too”.

jrsomma is located at 1473 Broadway Avenue in Atwater.

See flyer below for more information.