A new logo for Atwater’s Water Tower was unveiled last week on social media.

The city of Atwater released drone footage of the unveil, causing some Atwater residents to disagree with the new logo on social media.

Four days later, a few Atwater residents addressed their disappointment at Monday’s Atwater City Council meeting, regarding mostly the color schemes used for the logo.

However, Atwater residents did have a chance to see what the font/colors would look like at an Atwater City Council meeting in December of 2021, which no one spoke out against, according to City Manager Lori Waterman.

According to a press release, the previous “Atwater” text in faded black lettering was replaced with a marbled satin sheen gold to simulate gold leaf with a black shadowing outline in celebration of Atwater’s Centennial Anniversary (1922-2022).

Waterman told Merced Daily the council is not reviewing an Atwater Water Tower repainting at this time.

The funding for the Water Tower Renovation/Recoating Project came from the Water Enterprise Fund.

The total cost for the Water Tower Renovation/Recoating Project is $1,021,315.00, according to an estimated revised contract.