From Frontlines to School Board, It is officially that time of the year again when flyers come in the mail and signs can be seen on almost every yard in towns across the county. Candidates are now official in Merced County and are beginning their long stride to earn your votes. One candidate in particular has been making a name for themselves in the town of Gustine, thanks to his work on the frontlines at home to help make sure that families in his community are fed and children are staying safe. He also does this at his job at Amazon where he makes sure needed items like medical mask and gloves get to where they need to go.

Zachery Ramos from Gustine, CA is running for Gustine School Board and already has earned himself some big support like the endorsement from former State Superintendent Delaine Eastin who shared that she strongly believes Ramos is in the race for all the right reasons.

Ramos has been working hard for his community since the very start of the Covid-19 Health Pandemic by working with local farmers to distribute free food to families all across his city to make sure that no child goes hungry during these tough economic times. To date he’s given out over 20,000 meals thanks to the help of farmers and the help of his literacy organization that is working with AG Link to help families as well.

Ramos and his team have also jumped into the sewing chair to create 1000’s of mask to give out for free to those that need it like the elderly, field workers, children, and whomever else ask for them.

This isn’t the first time he has jumped into the saddle to lead a group to help others though. Back during the Paradise fire he led a team of volunteers to collect donations of food, clothing, and money to help those affected by the disaster. He also lead a donation drive again to help those that were affected by the hurricane that hit Texas and even had the donations delivered in person when all trucks were being called back to not go just so they would for sure make it those that needed help.

“I am incredibly proud and thankful for all of the people that support and help me through all of my projects. It is thanks to them that we are able to help so many people all over our great valley. This marks four years now of leading these type of efforts and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.” – Zachery Ramos.

If you type in Zachery Ramos on your phones or computers you will find numerous examples of his dedication and leadership to helping not only his community but also making sure the youth of his town have the proper tools to succeed in school as well.

“My team at the Traveling Library and I hold back to school giveaways each year to help make sure that all the kids in town who might not be as fortunate get the tools necessary for them to be able to succeed like their fellow classmates. This is thanks to our partnerships with businesses and organizations across the city and county that I’ve been able to make over the years.” – Zachery Ramos.

Ramos has already been making good on his campaign promises from wanting to grow the school gardens project by using his literacy organization to sponsor the project to creating the Feeding Gustine Youth Program to make sure no child goes hungry.

It is sure to be a interesting race and if you would like to reach out to Mr. Ramos with any questions or comments you can reach him on Facebook at Zachery Ramos for Gustine School Board.

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