Merced natives Carmen Moreno and Kevin Cronin started a business called The Baked Banana about six months ago. Since then,  Merced County residents are raving about their popular Strawberry banana bread and the “munchies cupcake” with potato chips and fudge on top.

Co-owner Carmen Moreno tells Merced Daily, “My co-worker kept giving me her old bananas. I just kept making different things with them. I started making banana cookies, chocolate banana bread, and all these other different recipes.”

“The idea of having a business was always there, we just started talking about stuff one day, and one of the topics was about opening a business that has to due with banana bread.”

Now, six months later, you could find The Baked Banana exclusively at “The Original Merced County Certified Farmers’ Market” on 16th Street and Canal Street every Saturday from 8am-12pm in Merced.

The Baked Banana also offers catering, events, and more!