On October 27, 2018 around 7:19 PM, a man was reported to be stuck in a tree on Walnut Avenue in Winton.

According to first responders, the male adult was estimated to be about 60-70 feet in a pine tree; to make matters worse he was upside down.

Officers then had to shutdown a part of Walnut Ave. in Winton.

After numerous attempts to contact the man, we finally did. He tells us what exactly happened that day.

“I was cutting some branches down on my pine tree, and somehow became tangled in the branches…due to me having my safety harness on.

I told my son to call 911 after numerous unsuccessful attempts trying to set myself free.

According to the man, he was upside down for nearly an hour. Cal Fire eventually was able to safely bring him down after cutting numerous branches. He tells Merced Daily he plans on still attempting to cut the tree branches down in the near future.