One man is dead after an hour long standoff with Merced County Sheriff’s deputies this morning.

Merced County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 1300 Block of Ida Street in Dos Palos for a male subject inside a residence threatening to stab a female and her three children in the neck.

When deputies arrived, the female and kids were inside a bedroom, deputies saw the suspect pacing the hallway in front of the room with two kitchen knives. The suspect threatened to rush the victim and her kids and stab them if deputies came into the residence. Deputies were able to speak with the victims and suspect though a locked window. Deputies made several attempts to negotiate with the suspect, however, he ignored the deputies and their commands to drop the knife. Deputies made several attempts to get the suspect to let the children go but the suspect continued to ignore the deputies.

Deputies attempted to convince the suspect to let the victims go for nearly an hour, the suspect eventually rushed into the room and deputies shot the suspect through the bedroom window. Deputies made entry into the residence as successfully extracted the victim and her kids from the residence. Deputies began CPR on the suspect. However, he died at the scene after paramedics arrived.