Gustine Business Association Downtown Beautification & Revitalization Project.

The Gustine Business Association, a newly created group by Gustine business owners and Organization Leaders, is working on fixing up their hometown.

To kickoff the new year they have already accomplished two big projects that member Zachery Ramos said, “Are going to push our town in the right direction as we move forward to keeping our youth safe and community healthy.” The first project was working to make Main Street be smoke free and so far they have already worked with local businesses to put up no smoking signage outside their businesses and moving their smoking areas off Main Street.

One business they have worked with is The Gustine Club, a local bar in Gustine, to move their smoking area from in front of their business to elsewhere.

Their second project they accomplished this month was working with a Smoke Shop to take down their tobacco product signs off the front of their business and replacing them with a large vinyl sign of their business name. The new signage has been a huge facelift to the business as well as catching the eye of the residents who are also excited with the new look. “This is going to promote more businesses to our town after they see that this group is wanting to work with them to help fix up their building like how they have with me. This is a great start and I am happy to see that they really want to help us and help fix up Main Street” Isaac (Gustine Shop Owner) “We are very proud of this project being completed successfully and are happy to be leading the way in Merced County to promote other towns to work on making their Main Streets tobacco advertising free. We hope this will also attract new businesses to come to Gustine after they see the improvements we are working on to help local businesses attract new customers.”

Zachery Ramos The Gustine Business Association has many more projects that they can’t wait to start working on to beautify and revitalize the city’s Main Street.


Guest article by Elias Casas