The Livingston 4th of July Committee is reaching out to the public for input on a possible fireworks show. However, there would be no festival this year.

The only way a fireworks show happens is at least $15,000 is raised and the idea is approved from the City of Livingston and Merced County Health Department.

Here are the options suggested by the Livingston 4th of July Committee.

Option 1: Drive-in Style Show

You would be able to drive in to venue and watch fireworks show from inside your car or back of your pick-up truck.

Option 2: Ariel Fireworks Show

Fireworks would be shot up higher than normal from an undisclosed location so that most people can enjoy from their homes with their families.

Option 3: No Show!

If the money is raised and approved, there could be a big turnout since other nearby cities have canceled their fireworks shows.