Earlier today MercedWalks had one of their Un-Litter walks on the bike and walk path on the side of Walmart in Merced.

“About a total of nine people showed up for the Un-Litter walk,” said Lanie Gladwin a volunteer for MercedWalks.

“Today we our focusing on this particular walk and bike path, because it’s one of the areas in Merced that is a chronic problem; there’s always trash in this area. This location could use a clean-up every week. It’s frustrating because we just cleaned this area up not long ago.”

Once volunteers cleaned up the walk and bike path on the side of Walmart, they went to another location off 59 and Black Rascal Creek. A total of  700 pounds of trash was collected from both areas, according to Lanie.

If you want to volunteer for the next Mercedwalks Un-Litter Walk, you can follow their Facebook page for more information.