Atwater resident Madison Davis is a 3rd generation witch who has practiced witchcraft since she was 13-years-old.

“There’s a big misconception of witchcraft. When you get into black magic, that means the individual is out to cause harm. I’m not evil. I’m not dark,” says Madison. I work more with energy elements of the earth. I’m not out to hurt anyone.

Madison then explains the different types of witches. 

“There are three types of witches: Black (Black magic), White (Good witch), and Grey (Center). I would categorize myself as a grey witch. I am a grey witch because I practice protecting myself; if I feel I’m at harm, I will cast a protection spell. However, I put nothing bad on anyone else. I don’t particularly say I’m a Wiccan, because we don’t abide by the same outlines and guides,” said Madison.

Madison has a home based business called LadyMoonRaye, which sells organic herbs, oils, stones, and candles. She also offers tarot card readings.

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“There’s really nothing in Merced County for alternative spirituality. I’m also an Ordained Clergy (High Priestess). I do wedding services for people who aren’t religious,” said Madison.

Madison will be at the Atwater Spirits Festival on Saturday, October 19, 2019.