Club 67, currently funded by donations, is a gathering for special needs individuals, which is held once a month on Friday evenings, according to founder Elisabete Dobbins.

The premier event, which was held in Atwater on February 3rd, was a huge success. At least 75 people showed up, 40 being special needs individuals. The furthest guest traveled from Los Banos, according to Dobbins.

Club 67, which is family ran, provides food and drinks for purchase. There is also a live DJ (DJ Tag).

Dobbins is hoping Club 67 will have its own set location one day. The goal is to have Club 67 every Friday night.

The next event will be on March 3rd at Ravello’s Restaurant in Merced.

The event is from 6pm-9pm.

You must be a 18 and older to enter.

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*Photo courtesy- Club 67