On Saturday, thousands of people came through downtown Atwater for the first Historical Downtown Atwater Summer Car Show.

There were more than 150 cars on display, seven food vendors, 27 different crafts and retail vendors, according to Jon Cardenas, CEO of Historical Downtown Atwater.

Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton also gave a brief statement on the success of the event. “This is a turning point for Atwater. The City of Atwater will take the lead in transforming our downtown. As you can see thousands people are here, some people probably never been downtown. We’re exposing the downtown businesses and vendors, to our community. This is just the beginning.”

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Two council members also gave a brief statement to Merced Daily.

“This is a great turnout, I congratulate The Historical Downtown Atwater Association. Im overwhelmed of the number of cars and vendors here. This is a step towards positive progress,” said John Cale.

Councilman Brian Raymond, also gave his thoughts on the success of the event, “This is a great event and turnout. When we were all running for city council we said we wanted to bring the community together,  it’s events like this that make it happen.”

The next Historical Downtown event will be scheduled during the fall season.