Lex Boutique, a clothing and accessories store, officially opens Tuesday in downtown Atwater.

Co-owner Alexis Machado says she wanted to invest in something she always wanted, a clothing boutique. 

Alexis, 21, currently owns her mobile boutique, which she started in 2020.

The idea of having a storefront came from co-owner Scotty Pereira, who also owns a construction business in Atwater. He told Merced Daily he saw a bigger vision of where the business can go, so he helped demo and remodel Lex Boutique. Scotty says there has not been a store remolded and demoed in 40 years on Broadway.

Lex Boutique will sell women and mens clothing. The boutique will also sell clothing and accessories from local businesses.

Alexis and Scotty said a vendor fair, Christmas on Broadway, will take place December 18th, the day of Lex Boutique’s grand opening.

Lex Boutique is located at 1260 Broadway Avenue in Atwater, Ca.

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