This morning the Atwater PD presented, “Coffee with the Chief” at Jantz Cafe & Bakery in Atwater.

According to Chief Michael Salvador, these events will be held at different locations once a month in Atwater.

Merced Daily asked Chief MichaelĀ Salvador what his number one goal as being the new Chief of Atwater. He stated, “One of my main goals is to make the police department more a part of the community and to make sure people know who I am.”

The chief also told several people who were at the event that he plans on going to several kid events in Atwater because the youth is very important. Chief explained, “I didn’t come to Atwater to sit behind a desk and do nothing”

Salvador tells Merced Daily he commutes close to 70 miles to work in Atwater Monday through Friday, and sometimes works longer than an eight hour shift.

Salvador brings more than 30 years of law enforcement experience to the Atwater Police Department.

To find out where the next location for, “Coffee with the Chief” will be held at, follow the Atwater Police Department’s Facebook Page or keep an eye out for info posted on Merced Daily Facebook Page.