Atwater will now be awarded more than $63 million, according to Attorney Duane Miller.

On May 10, 2018, Public Works officials sent a notice notifying the residents of Atwater of 1,2,3-TCP being in Atwater’s drinking water.

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The City of Atwater has battled the lawsuit against Dow AgroScience and Shell Chemicals (which is owned by the same company as Shell Gasoline) for nearly 12 years, according Duane Miller.

Attorney Duane Miller told Merced Daily, “One of the main concerns is that 1,2,3-TCP causes cancer. The State wanted Atwater to filter their wells, the problem was it would cost Atwater millions per well to do it.”

“We delivered a big win for the residents of Atwater,” said Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton.

“As the Mayor of Atwater, it is with great relief that the current city council was able to secure the correct judgement, which will now allow the city to begin the long process of wellhead treatment throughout the City of Atwater. I want to personally thank Duane Miller and the entire city council: Cindy Vierra, Brian Raymond, Danny Ambriz, and John Cale, for having the courage to fight and not settle for a quick fix in such a long term and complex process, said Paul Creighton.

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