Pamela and Jose Juarez were killed in an alleged DUI crash on Santa Fe on June 25, 2021.

The family spokesperson, Javier Juarez, told Merced Daily his parents were on the way from their daughters house in Merced to see their two other children in Atwater. Pamela and Jose were making their rounds to see their children before going on a camping trip to Tahoe.

The route from their daughters house in Merced to Atwater would take no longer then 20 minutes. Pamela and Jose’s children became worried after hearing sirens and hearing about a deadly crash online. Family members went to the scene of the crash shortly after but were told by officers it was still under investigation. Once the victims were identified, the family was notified by officers.

Javier Juarez, told Merced Daily his mother and father leave behind six children and 15 grandchildren. Both parents were loving, hardworking, and involved with everything their children did. His mom, Pamela (56), recently retired so she could spend more time with her grandchildren. Jose Juarez (57), was still employed, hardworking and did everything for his family.

On July 9, 2021, Family and friends held a peaceful protest in front of the Merced County’s DA office. The mission is to make sure the alleged drunk driver, King Vanga, who posted bail for more than $400,000, is convicted. Vanga is accused of (DUI alcohol/drugs causing bodily injury, manslaughter, driving vehicle with gross negligence, removes or takes firearm from public officer, battery against peace officer, emergency tech, etc in performance of their duties)

Pamela and Jose Juarez’s funeral will be held in southern California.