Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton will not run for re-election as mayor. Instead, he’s inspired to run for Merced County Supervisor for District 3.

“I want to continue the positive progress and success we have in Atwater,” said Creighton.

The Merced County Supervisor for District 3 represents: Atwater, North Merced, Franklin-Beachwood, McSwain and a small portion of the Loughborough area.

Creighton says his main priorities running for District 3 are: Castle Commerce Center, Regional Transportation, and Public Safety.

Castle Commerce Center:

Creighton told Merced Daily he wants to evaluate and explore better commercial developments at Castle. He believes there’s  better opportunities out there. He says he does not disagree nor agrees with current plans for Castle. He says he would like to sit-down with the other supervisors and revaluate the current plans.

Regional Transportation:

Creighton says he wants to continue working on Bellevue Avenue. He would like Bellevue connecting to Highway 99. It would reduce the residents community time going north. It would also make a direct connection to Castle Commerce Center, benefiting the community. He also wants a complete connection to the Atwater/Merced Expressway, which will also connect to Castle.

Public Safety:

The Atwater City Council recently modernized their firearms, police cruisers and radio systems. The city of Atwater recently  purchased two buildings on Broadway Avenue. Those two building will house city offices. The Atwater Police Department will soon be a stand-alone police department. Creighton wants to do similarities with the Merced County Sheriff’s Department and the Merced County’s Fire Department.

“Merced County’s poised to do great things. I want to contribute making Merced County wonderful place to live and work,” Creighton said.