A spiritual medium, Giselle Bueno, says she can communicate with spirits from the other side.

Giselle, the daughter of two former pastors, told Merced Daily she is born with a gift, the gift is speaking with the other side and reading energy. It all began when she was just 5-years-old, having a spirit as a friend. She said her “knowing” enhanced more when her grandma passed away.

Merced Daily: How did your parents react when you told them that you can see spirits?

Giselle: One parent was in agreement and the other wasn’t.

Merced Daily: What do spirits look like?

Giselle: Spirits look like us, but some are transparent.

Merced Daily: Can you see spirits everywhere?

Giselle: I can see them everywhere, but I’m in control, spirits not. Before I didn’t have control. Now I do.

Merced Daily: Are there such things as other dimensions?

Giselle: Yes! There’s such things as other dimensions.

Merced Daily: Are spirits in another dimension?

Giselle: Yes!

Merced Daily: Is Disney’s Pixar’s Movie “Soul” pretty accurate?

Giselle: Yes!

Merced Daily: Do you do this professionally?

Giselle: Yes, going on four years now. My job is to help you help yourself. To find and see love in all.

Merced Daily: How?

Giselle: Through the messages from our loved ones on the other side. Every journey needs a guide. Love and light.

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