Merced United, which is the competitive branch for the Merced Youth Soccer Association and non profit is drawing some major interest from professional soccer teams.

Ramon tells Merced Daily, “The objective of having Merced United is to get these kids scholarships with universities.”

“We never have tryouts, the group of kids that we have, we just work with them, and to win states, nationals, regional. It’s a long process but it has to come with quality work.”

“To make this organization better, we brought in Director of coaching JuanJose Mendoza, I seen him train before with other organizations here, and when I joined Merced United, I knew I had to bring him here to help train the kids. He has over 20 years of professional experience in Soccer.”

“Manager Luz Lomeli also contributed in a big way for the national champs, which is a big part of Merced United and works behind the scenes doing all the paperwork that gets Merced United going.”



“We’re number one in the nation and because of that we brought a lot of light to Merced. Now we have professional MLS organizations like San Jose Earthquakes, Real Salt Lake trying to get involved with us. We have 15-year-old, Oses who signed a contract with Real Salt Lake, we also have 14-year-old Joey Alvarez along with eight other players going to Real Salt Lake this week.”

“It’s rare that one kid leaves, but to have a total of ten kids, thats very rare.”