Marquitos Boxing gym opened on July 22, 2020, but due to the pandemic, the gym was forced to close. The gym was able to reopen in mid-2021.

General Manager Diego Rodriguez told Merced Daily the gym is a non-profit organization, owned by Marcus Padilla and Refugio Veloz. The Winton gym trains national ranked fighters. The local boxing gym also offers boxing training and self-defense classes for all skill levels.

Diego recalls one incident where a juvenile who attended his gym was being bullied at school. Diego told the juvenile he can invite the bully to the boxing gym to settle their issues. Diego says the bully came to Marquitos Boxing Gym and trained. But both juveniles never sparred because they became friends.

Marquitos Boxing Gym recently held a sparring event which drew more than 240 people. The event was a fundraiser for traveling to Texas for the nationals.

Diego and the owner of the Covenant, Jacob Martinez (Barber), are collaborating a backpack drive for the children of Winton. The goal is to have a 1,000 donated backpacks with school supplies inside. The event is also to have a bounce house, haircuts, food, and Mexican Banda.

Marquitos Boxing gym is located at 7059 Walnut Avenue

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