Randy Higgins, a local Merced transient tells Merced Daily,” My wife died of cancer and it sent my life in a downward spiral. I have been homeless for more than five years now. I lost my home because I couldn’t pay the mortgage anymore. I actually took mortgage out so I could keep it. The problem was the price kept going higher and higher; it went from a fixed rate to an adjustable rate it was in “small print”. “They stole my house from me and it made me homeless.”

“I’m currently surviving by the people of Merced; there’s a lot of good people that live here. They keep me alive,” says Randy.

Randy then goes into detail about his disfigured back. He tells Merced Daily, “When I became homeless I was actually ran over buy a truck, that disfigured me for life. It gave me my hunchback. It sucks because I can’t be who I really am and who I am is a good person. I admit, I’m not going to say I’m a saint, but I am a good person.”

Merced Daily asked If he’s aware of the services Merced County provides?

“Yes. A lot of the services I’m  deprived of because of the people I don’t get along with in certain areas where the services are. I never had an enemy my whole life until I became homeless.”

Merced Daily asked, “How can Merced County stop their homeless problem? “They never will,” says Randy.