The Los Banos Municipal Code requires that all exterior areas of your property be kept and maintained in a clean and safe condition, free from any accumulation of trash, dirt, broken or discarded furniture, and other debris, according to a news release.

This requirement applies to both property owners and tenants who are responsible for the maintenance and clean-up of garbage, trash, vegetation, or junk placed on their property…meaning that even renters are responsible for the appearance of the property and can be issued a citation for a violation. Property owners who rent a home to someone are also responsible for the appearance of the property and will be held liable for your tenant’s actions if the property is in violation.


Code Enforcement has found old couches, chairs, and other items that are commonly found inside the home placed outside for disposal, which end up being used as makeshift patio furniture; this is a violation. Keep in mind that the goal of this ordinance is to keep our neighborhoods beautiful, and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep their property well-maintained. As such, it is important to emphasize that any trash or debris found outside the home can be a violation. Simple tips like maintaining your landscaping and immediately disposing of unwanted household belongings are easy to accomplish and go a long way in keeping your property clean.

Fines for the accumulation of trash/debris/waste on your property start at $100. We encourage our residents to quickly comply with fixing this violation because the second citation increases to $200, and the third and ALL subsequent citations are $500 each! Remember, citations can be issued as frequently as daily!

There are a number of ways to contact LBPD staff to address your Code Enforcement related concerns – start by visiting our LBPD webpage here:

Here, you can report abandoned vehicles, graffiti, and other crimes and as well as access our Code Enforcement page where you can file an anonymous Code Enforcement complaint.

Staff can also be reached by telephone at (209) 827-7070 ext. 2546, or you can email a Code Enforcement concern to;