The grand opening for Merced County’s first cannabis retailer opened today in Atwater.

Earlier this morning, Medallion Wellness opened its doors to the public around 9 a.m.

“I’ve been in medical cannabis for sometime, In 2016 I just saw the writing on the wall, I knew it was coming, I knew recreational marijuana would pass. I then started to put a plan together, we already had a farm growing,” said owner Michael O’Leary. 

Medallion Wellness currently has 19 employees at their Atwater location. Medallion Wellness also has a Modesto location which has 22 employees. 

Medallion Wellness sells cannabis in all forms including the following: Flower, extract, dabs, hash, vapor pens, edibles, and tropicals, according to the owner.

To buy recreational cannabis you have to be 21 and over,  if you’re a medical cannabis patient that is 18 with a doctor recommendation you can buy as well. If your younger than 18 you have to be accompanied by an adult with a doctors recommendation.


“We’re  very glad to be in Atwater. We plan to be all over Merced County soon,” said Michael.

Medallion Wellness is located at 341 Business Parkway in Atwater.