Merced native Justina Sabala, owner of Wild Game Jerky, has more than 150 different accounts from local stores throughout Merced County, but starting January 2020 she could lose 50% of her profits due to a new law preventing her from selling her most popular product “Gator Jerky”.

“This is my dream, this is what I’m good at,” said Justina. “I’ve been in the jerky business for nearly 10 years.”

Not only can Justina lose more than 50% of her business she will also lose thousands in marketing.“I have an Alligator as my logo, Alligator on my business cards, and Alligator on my flyers,” said Justina. “I’ll have to change everything.” The new laws will also prevent her from selling online, according to Justina.

Justina has since hired Zachery Ramos to be her business personal lobbyist to help fight her case at the Capitol and speak with other businesses to join in the fight to keep businesses like hers able to continue the selling of Wild Game Jerky.

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Justina hopes that in the end the penal code will be amended and no longer have to worry about if she will have to pull Alligator & Crocodile from stores across the state which will cause a large decrease in profits coming into the new year.

If your interested in purchasing Wild Game Jerky, you can find them at these locations in Merced County:

Atwater – R-N Market

Atwater – Quick N Snappy

Livingston – Brother’s Mini Market

Los Banos – Town and County Liquor

Los Banos – Apricot Hill Fruit Star

Merced- Sinclair

Merced- Village Liquor

Snelling- Chevron

Snelling – Boland

You can also find Wild Game Jerky on Amazon.