At the most recent Merced City Council Meeting, Merced resident George Garabay, spoke on his matter regarding  homeless people at Stephen Leanard Park in Merced.

“I can’t stand whats happening in our park; what can I do with these people? They camp there the whole night…they’re only good for doing drugs and drinking. The children pass by there…they’re urinating in front of children as they pass by,” says George.

Mayor Mike Murphy then says,” Good evening, I know you have been to the meetings several times, but unfortunately we are not allowed to have a back and fourth conversation with things that are not on the agenda but we do listen to you and any additional information we will take into consideration.”

George says, “Send them to work, instead of leaving them there. People give them Food (Pizza) and they leave the boxes there. We can’t even go outside because they start saying things to us.”

Mayor Mike Murphy says, “Thank you, I know you brought it up in the past. I encourage you to contact law enforcement anytime you feel you are threatened.”

Jorge then goes on to say,” The park should be for children not the homeless.