Merced resident Keisha Smith, opened up an online business called Crystal Moon, back in 2018, which is a homemade candle and soap company based in Merced.

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Keisha told Merced Daily, she originally wanted to start the business in 2014, after realizing a majority of natural, organic products were too expensive and wanted to make a cheaper market to reach everyone’s budget, but due to some personal reasons, she could not.


Merced Daily: How did you come up with the business name?


Keisha: I originally wanted to name the business “Amethyst Moon” because Amethyst is my birth stone and I always loved the moon, but there’s another company in California with the same name, so I had to change it. My friend, Kitty, helped me with that.

Merced Daily: What made you finally start the online business?

Keisha: I just woke up one morning and told myself I needed to start this business….so I did. It was something I had been thinking about for years.

Merced Daily: Why choose the natural products?

Keisha: I realized a majority of natural products were really expensive and I just wanted to make a cheaper market to reach everyone’s budget.

Merced Daily: Do you want to keep your business just online?

Keisha: No, I would eventually like to open a retail store. I want to grow into a company that looks out for its employees and doesn’t just treat them like robots. There are way too many companies now that overwork and underpay and people have no time for their families. I would want to steer far away from that. With my friend Isa as my newly instated Marketing Director, we are both hoping the business will go far.